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The PhoNa research initiative organizes and supports conferences and workshops together with international collaborators and partners. As a part of this commitment, the PhoNa consortium organizes an international workshop every two years to bring together renowned international scientists from the fields of nano-optics, plasmonics, nanofabrication, nano-chemistry, and theoretical methods in electrodynamics, to discuss future perspectives of Photonic Nanomaterials. The aim is to recognize the main streams of research in this scientific area and to identify particular challenges for applications as well as for fundamental science. Most recent events were:


Further activities include regular lectures, seminars and workshops offered by PhoNa scientists as well as guest lectureres all over the year. Particular priority is given to explore the physics and implications of light-matter interaction schemes, including but not limiting to optical effects in Photonic Nanomaterials:
Seminar schedule of regular educational events in Jena

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Group picture of participants of the International Conference on Metamaterials and Dissemination Workshop 2012 in Jena.