International Workshop 2010: Details for Presentations

Oral Presentation

For oral presentation there will be a PC or laptop computer, equivalently, running Microsoft Windows XP, PowerPoint 2003 (Microsoft Office 2003) and PDF Reader (Adobe Acrobat), and a LCD projector with 1024 x 768 resolution.
All authors are kindly asked to load their presentations to that computer prior to their session.
For Mac users: Please check Macintosh created PowerPoint files for font, graphics, and video capability in advance.
Authors may supply their own computers as well. Nevertheless, this is not recommended in order to avoid any delay in a session due to potential problems with equipment compatibility.

Poster Presentation

The display board for a poster is 115 cm wide and 140 cm high. Authors may attach their posters starting from Wednesday about 10:00 am. Pins are provided.