International Symposium and Doctoral School 2014: Invited Speakers

The following internationally renowned scientists have already confirmed their attendance at the symposium and the doctoral school. Further speakers will be appearing as the program is finalized. Furthermore, members of the PhoNa initiative will contribute presentations to the symposium and the doctoral school.


Javier Aizpurua

Donostia International Physics Center, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain
"Quantum effects in nanoplasmonics" at the doctoral school
"Nanooptics in subnanometric plasmonic gaps" at the symposium



Andrea Alù

University of Austin, Texas, USA
"Planarized metamaterials and lattice-based chirality" at the doctoral school
"Scattering and cloaking using metamaterials and plasmonics" at the doctoral school
"Giant nonreciprocity and nonlinearity in optical metamaterials" at the symposium



Thomas F. Krauss

University of York, UK
"Photonic crystals - why the holes?" at the doctoral school
"Engineering gratings for light trapping" at the symposium



Philippe Lalanne

Centre national de la recherche scientifique - CNRS, Bordeaux, France
"Modal theories for nanooptics" at the doctoral school
"Coupling of light to plasmonic resonators" at the symposium



Thomas Philbin

University of Exeter, UK
"Geometry and light" at the doctoral school
"Light control with passive and active electromagnetic materials" at the symposium



Ari Sihvola

Aalto University, Finland
"Introduction and theory of optical metamaterials" at doctoral school
"Indefinite anisotropy: unpredicted consequences" at the symposium



Sergei Tretyakov

Aalto University, Finland
"Perfect absorbers" at the doctoral school
"Novel perfect absorbers" at the symposium