International Conference on Metamaterials and Dissemination Workshop 2012: Scope


Nanostructured materials promise to sustain properties inaccessible with its constituents. This opens the door for many applications thus far inaccessible and for devices that have been belonging rather to the realm of phantasy. In particular, the ability to tailor the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic radiation at a wide range of frequencies has sparked research efforts all around the globe and tremendous activities have been put in place to eventually fabricate the artificial materials necessary to implement the envisioned applications.
With the desire to spread the latest results on how to describe theoretically, how to fabricate, how to characterize nanostructured materials, and how to turn them into useful applications to an audience that is blended from an interested industry as well as from passionate academia, we invite everybody to the International Conference on Metamaterials that will be held at July 3rd/4th in the city of Jena, Germany.

The exchange of ideas, the joint identification of future research directions, as well as to foster co-operations among those who have visions on how to use nanostructured materials is the purpose of the conference. Most notably, we wish to outline a path on how to use the fundamental insights that have been obtained from basic research in the past for an industrial exploitation.

Therefore, the conference has at its heart a dissemination meeting of four projects that have been funded by the European Union within the seventh framework program targeting on the fabrication of functional nanostructured materials. MAGNONICS, dealing with magnons in magnetic metamatetrials, METACHEM and NANOGOLD, dealing with the exploration of self-assembly strategies to fabricate nanostructured materials, and NIM-NIL, dealing with the large area fabrication of three-dimensional nanostructured materials by nanoimprint lithography. Their activities come close to an end which is the ideal moment to discuss jointly the ground-breaking advantages that have been achieved in the past as well as to disseminate now their results to an interested industrial audience. It will be especially interesting to see how the projects could further develop the field when compared to the initial point that has been documented in 2010 in a brochure that is free for download here.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Jena to both the dissemination meeting and the conference. The dissemination workshop is supported by the European Union. The conference is organized and hosted by the PhoNa-Consortium which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Thuringian State Government to advance research on photonic nanomaterials.


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