Invited Speakers at the International Conference on Metamaterials 2012

Sven Burger

JCMwave, Germany
Numerical simulations for design and analysis of nanooptical structures

Dmitry Berkov

Innovent e.V. Jena, Germany
Numerical micromagnetics: a non-missing link between theory and experiment on a mesoscopic scale

Kai Numssen

Spinner GmbH
SPINNER Wavelength Shrinking|Stretching (SWS) Technology - 1D Metamaterials for Advanced Passive Radiofrequency Devices

Anne Goldberg

Nanotechnologies at Solvay : an overview and a case study applied to hydrogels

Bernd H. Kleemann 

Carl Zeiss AG, Germany
Inverse Scattering and Perfect Blazing - Two Examples for Nano- and Microstructured Surfaces

Michel Stchakovsky

HORIBA Scientific
Overview of ellipsometer product line. Which specifications and performances are important for applications to metamaterials?

Marc Verschuuren

Philips Research, Nim-Nil
Beyond the hype: functional nano-patterns in applications